TIME FOR ACTION! Tenant Summit 2019, Sept. 28th


     With rental rates still set above inflation, and landlords still guaranteed a 12% profit on their rents, tenant advocates of all stripes agree - we need results. For reform! To promote tenants' rights! To expand rent control - and much more! TENAC urges that we organize our fellow tenants, tenants' associations, and others - - to make our voices heard at the Council.  One great way to fight for and lobby for reforms, is by signing up with TENAC to volunteer to help the fight, at the OTA 2019 Tenant Summit this coming Saturday, Sept. 28th.  That gathering place is a pivotal meeting place for tenants from all across the city, attracting tenant associations, individual tenants, activists, tenant lawyers, politicians and officials from the regulatory agencies. We are-organizing TENAC for just that purpose, and we invite you to be a part. One example on the need to organize and be a strong presence at the Council was during the vote to deprive tenants in single-family abodes the right to buy their apartment.  Hundreds of real estate agents showed up in force (always a force to turn back the clock for profit) - - to show support for such a regressive measure, instead of the reasonable compromise proposed. If tenants demonstrated a similar show of support in opposition, the outcome would have been different. This is the sort of renter action we need, and we must have, if we are to enact change desired by the tenants of the District.      Greedy landlords, lawyers, and lobbyists virtually camp out at the council, and councilmembers and staff are overly influenced by them.  Tenants also need to vigorously stand up.  TENAC will be at the summit to recruit and register volunteers and discuss needed strategy.  We also enclose our application form in this email to print and fill out, so you can sign up as a TENAC member and/or volunteer.  Just click the link below.  We devoutly hope to see you at the 2019 Tenant Summit! Details from OTA on the Summit are also below. 

CLICK HERE for TENAC Membership/Volunteer Form

As online registration is currently sold out due to demand, you can register to attend OTA's 12th Annual Tenant Summit you can register on-site, in person.  If you have any questions or concerns about the Summit, please contact Steve Dudek at OTA, tel. 202-719-6561

In Solidarity,  The TENAC Executive Committee

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