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The TENAC Endorsement Committee announces endorsements for the 2020 Primay Election on June 2nd.  We chose candidates we believe will best represent the interests of tenants and of District residents in general. We feel these candidates have the knowledge, ability, empathy, fire and willingness to best achieve justice and fairness for renters. We believe they can best promote tenants' rights and affordable housing for all.  Tenants' rights and the right to housing is a basic human right, and are part and parcel of social justice, fairness and equality overall. You can't have one without the other. We made these endorsements in consideration of these overarching goals, believing these candidates represent our city's best hope for reform, social justice, and remedying income inequality increasing for decades. You can view the candidates' performance in our Online Tenants' Candidates Forums for all 2020 DC races in the videos posted on our new website at


Ward 2 - Brooke Pinto Her experience "on the ground" helping tenants directly, through community service at the Tenant-Landlord Resource Center and the Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless make her uniquely qualified to promote tenant rights, especially by her knowledge of the problems tenants face every day. Ward 4 - Janeese Lewis George - She is a clearly a bold progressive candidate, and will use that boldness in advancing tenants' right and the Reclaim Rent Control platform she has committed to. Ward 7 - Anthony Lorenzo Green - - We have seen Green perform well before; his passionate commitment to tenants' rights and affordable housing would be a good addition to the Council which does not act for the bold reform that tenants have been needing and fighting for. Ward 8 - Yaida Ford - has worked for the Office of the Attorney General promoting and protecting tenants' rights; her work at the Legal Aid Society shows she is on the side of tenants and DC citizens. She hears our problems, and works to solve them.           These were tough choices. There were many good candidates. Committee members were often torn over who to endorse. Debate raged, but in the end, the committee chose the candidates we believe will best represent the interests of tenants - - and the 99% - -  if elected. We encourage the fine candidates not endorsed to not give up on their hopes for an electoral future and a better District with a role in it. We expect to hear from many of these promising leaders in the future and we hope they continue to lead the District through this difficult time and beyond. Jordan Grossman, John Fanning, Yilin (Helen) Zhang, Daniel Hernandez, Anne Wilcox, Joyce Robinson-Paul, Katherine Venice, and Eleanor Ory especially stand out.          *TENAC has issued these endorsements only for contested seats in Primary Election contests. DC Delegate for Congress, At-large Council, Shadow House, and Shadow Senate candidates each ran unopposed for their party's nomination.             With no challengers in their party primaries, no endorsements were made in these races. TENAC will issue endorsements for these races in our upcoming General Election Forum. That's when these and all candidates, will face voters in the November general election in contested races. We deeply appreciate these candidates' debate and participation in the recent forum and look forward to their fall participation. Apologies for any confusion this may have caused candidates, voters and all observers.

To View the TENAC Tenants' Online Candidates Forum, for each 2020 race, 

and our new website, see:

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