MORE on Tenant Rent Assistance! Please Forward

Please Forward!

This email is just in from the Office of Tenant Advocate (OTA). There are still funds left in the TBRA (Tenant Based Rental Assistance) program for tenants impacted by the pandemic. Administered by the Latino Economic Development Corporation (LEDC), the program is for tenants in buildings with 50 or fewer tenants. Tenants with incomes below 60% of the average DC area household income can qualify. That requirement may mean incomes as high as 60K and more per year could qualify. However, the eligibility formula may take into account other factors such as savings, assets, discounts for certain factors, etc. So you need to apply to see if you qualify. We say, Hurry to apply! (See email below)

Also enclosed is a survey that OTA needs tenants to answer. The survey is designed to see how security deposits pose barriers to housing. The data may be used to help create proposals to help with security deposits. So, we ask that you kindly complete the survey - - you may help start something good. (link below).

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Subject: Last Call: TBRA Rental Assistance Program and Security Deposit Survey

Dear Stakeholders:

Tenant Based Rental Assistance Program (TBRA)

There are several rental assistance programs, this specific one, Tenant Based Rental Assistance (TBRA), ends at the end of this month, December 31, 2020. There are still funds available, and tenants may still apply. LEDC staff is bilingual in English and Spanish and can provide Spanish language forms and fact sheets for interested tenants.

To be eligible for the TBRA program, tenants must:

  • Live in DC, and have lived in their unit since Feb 29 or longer

  • Live in a multi-unit building with 50 or fewer units

  • Have lost income or been negatively financially impacted by the pandemic

  • Meet certain income guidelines (below 60% MFI, we can assist tenants in determining their eligibility)

The BEST and fastest way to apply, is for tenants to fill out an online intake form with us here at LEDC:

Tenants can also email, text or call us at:

Security Deposit Survey

REMINDER- The Office of the Tenant Advocate is collecting data to assess whether security deposits are a barrier to housing. We are asking all tenants to complete the survey and share the flyer (attached) with their communities. Here is the survey link: Please, complete the survey by Sunday, December 13, 2020.

Please, contact me by email ( or phone (202-317-2850) if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey.


Stephen Dudek

Education & Outreach Coordinator


Office of the Tenant Advocate

2000 14th Street, NW

Suite 300N

Washington, DC 20009

(202) 719-6560

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